Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cannot Find List

This is the list of people that our contact committee has not been able to track down. If you have contact with any of these people, please copy the bolded paragraphs below and send it to them! Thanks (Please leave a comment below if you do so we can know who to cross off of our list!)

Erikson, Joshua
Falls, Tyson
Frandsen, Jana
Franz, Spencer
Furniss, Brad
Geiser, Melanie
Gifford, Tony
Goss, Jacob
Gould, Shawnee
Green, Willy
Greer, Andy
Grover, Michael
Gundersen, Kamilla
Haeberle, Miles

Hampton, Bryan
Hayes, Jameson
Hill, Ashley
Hill, Ellen
Hillman, Darci
Hollinger, Jeremy
Hollist, Christopher
Howard, Dianna

Pontes, Marcelo

Powell, Jeremy

Rammell, Jed

Randall, J.C.

Ricks, Jenna

Ricks, Luis

Ricks, Marilyn

Rowberry, Chris

Rydalch, Nicole

Saunders, Marica

Scott, Aaron

Seeber, Mike

Seeley, Andrew

Sharp, Brandon

Shaw, Michael

Smith, Nathan

Smith, Travis

Stevens, Kyle

Summers, Jake

Summers, Jennifer

Tennstedt, Sara

Thibault, D.J,

Thomason, Dustin

Thompson, Austin

Tietjen, Klayton

Merritt, Kara

Mills, Tucker

Muir, Trent

It’s official. We now have a date and location for our 10 year class reunion. The party will be held on July 2nd, 2011…so start planning! We will be having a picnic lunch/family gathering at Smith Park from 11-3 AM. Then that night at 6:00 PM we will be holding an adult only catered dinner at the new high school. More details will be coming soon! You can stay up to date with more info on the class blog: Or join us on Facebook: Madison High School Class of 2001!

Do you plan on attending the reunion? Please RSVP by sending an e-mail to or by responding to the group invite on Facebook before June 1st. All tickets for the event must be purchased by June 11th (on the class blog or facebook page)

Please submit a profile picture/summary of your last 10 years to and label it: Yearbook Insert. (Deadline June 19)

We will also be working on a slide show for the reunion. If you have any fun pictures from high school that you would be willing to share, please e-mail them to as well.


Raquel said...

I have contact with LIz Sanders. i'll send her the info

CassParelli said...

Tiffany Horkley Gold
1926 E 350 N
Saint Anthony, ID 83445

Ginger said...

I talked to Amber Saurey and informed her.

Greg Hendricks said...

Sent invite to Kade Higley, Ryan Hook, and Zack Munns.

Nicole said...

I still keep in touch with Kara Merritt & Ellen Hill and sent them the info. My family has contact with Jed Rammell, Jameson Hayes, and Bryan Hampton's families so I'll pass the info through them.