Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Elisa Rubio Hunt

Hello, everyone! I'm Elisa Rubio, perhaps better known as Elisa Hunt. After graduating from high school, I entered immediately into the nursing program at BYUI. During the course of my studies there, I spent a semester in Merida, Mexico (near Cancun). That semester changed my life, as I met my future husband there: Oscar, a native of the area. I graduated with my associates in nursing as an RN in 2003 (then my bachelors in 2010) and have mostly worked in cardiology or stepdown intensive care. Oscar came up to the US in early 2004 and we were married shortly thereafter in the April 2004. Our daughter, Lucy, was born in August of 2005. It turns out that Lucy is a very special girl. She is our little angel. She has epilepsy and severe developmental delays and attending to her has become my life's calling. Oscar became a US citizen in October 2009. I graduated with my bachelor's in nursing from BYUI's online program in April 2010. Our son, Israel was born in February of 2010. He is a very happy-go-lucky little chap. He says words in English and Spanish (spoken in our home) and also uses American Sign Language. He loves to give kisses to his "big little sister", Lucy. It's fascinating to see his innate connection to her. My husband joined the US Navy in September of 2010 and we've been apart now for 7 months while he has been in training. He graduates next week and we are so excited to reunite our little family. We will be permanently stationed in the Washington, DC area (Bethesda, MD). I have also recently been accepted to the Master of Nursing, Family Nurse Practitioner program online through ISU and will be juggling that with our new life in Maryland. Lots of exciting changes around our house. Busy busy busy. It's great to hear from you all! "Facebook me" ;).

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