Thursday, August 6, 2009

Michael Parkinson

So after graduation I started school at BYU-I studying Computer Science. I went to school and worked at Millhollow (as the only guy) for about a year. I then went on a mission to Minnesota Minneapolis Mission. I was originally supposed to speak Laotian, but after two weeks of learning it in the MTC my mission president in Minnesota closed the Laotian branch, sent my would be trainer to California, and changed me to Spanish (I was a little disappointed). Anyway, I spent twooo years teaching peoople in the Land Ooo' Lakes then. I spent most of my time in the twin cities in the ghetto (where most hispanics live), but I did get out into the smaller towns of Minnesota (Hutchinson & Pine City) for awhile. I have to joke that I learned three languages: Spanish, Ebonics, and Minnesootan. I had fun, learned a lot, and had some good experiences (like getting jumped or shot at, needless to say I survived).

After my mission, I resumed school and work at Millhollow. After about a year, I quite Millhollow and started working as a software developer at EZ-NetTools (a local website company) where I worked under the direction of Mike West's dad. During this time I was also a counselor to Mike West in an elders' quorum presidency (there were over a hundred girls in the ward and only about 25 guys, all 25 were local and mostly younger; anyway hometeaching was insane). In another ward shortly thereafter I met my wife Kristie (she was better than any of the over a hundred girls in the other ward). We were activities co-chairs in our singles ward. We had amazing dates. We would plan an activity and then forget to invite the ward... It was the best dating buget (that's a joke by the way).

Anyway, she and I dated for about a year and got married on August 20, 2006 in the Salt Lake Temple. She is from Keedysville Maryland and rides/trains/jumps horse in the English style. Shortly after we got married, she finished her degree in Biology Education with a minor in Health Science. She now teaches at the Juvenile Correction Center in St. Anthony and is working on her master's degree online from the University of Nebraska. For her masters project, we frequently drive to areas around the Ririe reservoir and one site just below the Teton dam to sample aquatic insects as a measure of biodiversity.

Anyway, I'm almost done with my bacheolor's degree from BYU-Idaho (yes it has taken me a while). Also, after EZ-NetTools I worked for the university as a software developer, but now I'm working on some websites for my uncle (
) and sister (not up yet). If you have any feedback on High Adventure U.S.A. (specifically adventure businesses/attractions to add) please let me know.


Anyway, I hope this finds everyone doing well.

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