Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Catherine Hart Ohumukini

Aloha kakou (Hello all)
Keeping it short and brief. Most of you know me as Cathy Hart. In 1999/2000 name was altered to Cat :).... Moved to Utah early 2001 and have been ever since. Married for 5 years to a Local boy (Hawaiian), Keola Ohumukini.
Have 2 boys (Lono Keola, & Kealiiahounui Keikialoha), and am a stay at home mom. ..Haven't done any schooling since high school, but plan on going back when the youngest is a year older.
Aside from helping with events and luau's pertaining to the culture, we are pretty laid back.A lot of things done with family. Kind of like that Lilo and Stitch movie. "Ohana, means family, family means nobody gets left behind.." :)
A hui hou (bye/until we meet again)

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