Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Olivia Buttars Andrews


A lot has happen in the past 10 years. The Fall of 01 after graduation I Attended Mesa State College in Grand Junction Colorado. I majored in fine art with an emphasis in Graphic design. I finished in May 2005 with my BA in the program. College was a lot fun. I really enjoyed all the art classes. There was a great singles ward in the area that was a lot of fun too.

In the middle of my senior year of college I decided to get healthy. A year later I lost 80 pounds. That is my proudest accomplishment.

After college I moved back home for a few months while looking for work. I got a job in Salt Lake in September 2005 at OC Tanner as a corporate jewelry designer. It’s an employee recognition company. I have been there ever since; I now have been there almost 6 years.

My first year in Salt Lake I was single and living by myself in an apartment. I meet my husband Paul, at a singles YSA 80’s dance in August 2006. We hit it off; just 4 months later in December we got married in the Bountiful UT temple.

We bought a house in SLC in July 2007 and have been fixing it up ever since. Our current project is remolding the kitchen. We have gone on some nice trips together. Our favorites was a 10 night stay in Maui in Sep 2008 and most recently in this past January we went to the US Virgin Islands to the island of St. John for a week. We have also been to Las Vegas a few times, San Francisco and South Padre Island Texas.

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