Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mandi Zollinger Moss

mandy 7(1)I can't believe we graduated 10 whole years ago,

I just can't seem to come to terms with being this darn old?!

No small amount of changes happened in the 10 years time

And as you see I still believe in telling tales by rhyme.

I took no break from education... learning is SO fun!!

I started classes up at Ricks that summer of '01.

I met and married Jake Moss (brother of our classmate Mike),

We stuck around to finish school in majors we both liked.

Jake was in Biology and I did Elem. Ed.

Then in the summers, with APX, from this small town we fled!

I graduated, taught 4th grade in Ammon for a year,

Then ditched the drive, taught 7th grade at MMS, right here.

Jake finished up, we moved to Illinois for his grad school-

A joint degree in Law and Med (I think he is a fool!)

Soon after starting Law School, our fam grew from two to three,

Kempton Brent was born and made us happy as can be!

I get to stay at home with him, teach piano on the side,

And whatever else life throws at us we'll try to take in stride

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