Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Megan Ashcraft Hewitt



It seems like in some ways that we were all just in high school ready to get out.  Ten years sure went fast. And I bet the next ten won't be slowing down at all. After graduation I went on a study abroad type program with BYU-Idaho. It was with a program called Quest. I spent two months on a island called Vashon just of Seattle. While there I took classes was able to go see some of the sites around that area, then the next two months were spent on campus in Rexburg doing classes. While there I met my husband Isaac who was on the last couple of months of his mission. We had really no contact there, but when he got to BYU-Idaho the following semester we met again and started dating. We were married later that year in November of 2002. I finished my associates degree one month before I had our first child Spencer (7). Since then we have had three more kids, Zachary (5), Anya (3) and Calvin (1). During that time Isaac continued going to school until he finished with his bachelors. We waited around for two years while he worked two jobs, trying to get into graduate school with no such luck. We lived in Rexburg during that time, but after no luck with schools we felt like we needed to help my grandpa out with the care of my grandma so we moved to Wyoming and spent the next 2 years there. While in Wyoming my husband started his Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology, and after my grandmother died last year, we moved back to Rexburg were he had found a practicum. So basically we are still in "school" mode and waiting for the day to be done. While watching the kids grow up way too fast and begin new adventures in their life with starting school and all that comes with it. And I am very lucky that I get to stay at home and enjoy the time with the kids. And hopefully later in life I will be able to go back to school. That is if I ever decide what I want to be in I grow up!

I am still unsure wether or not we will be able to go to the reunion. We have some other family obligations around that time, but with my husbands job not sure if we will be able to go to them. But if we are in town we will most likely attend the family gathering in the park. It will be fun to see friends who I have not seen since graduation. Best wishes to all of you and luck in all you do!

Photos are from last summer. Looks like time for updates, a never ending process with kids it seems.

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