Monday, August 3, 2009

Renae Nelson Kingsley

Hi everyone! It's great to see everyone's pictures and cute children! As for myself, I was married in 2002 to Nathan Kingsley, who recently returned from serving a mission in Russia. We went through college together, juggling school, children, and work. After graduation we moved to Austin, Texas so Nathan could work as a software engineer for National Instruments. Anyone traveling through the area is welcome to come stay with us! Our door is always open.

We have three children, Sarah age 6, Matthew age 5, and Daniel age 3. We've home schooled them for three years, so that's a large portion of our story. We are gardeners and I teach gardening classes in a couple cities and volunteer to help build backyard
vegetable gardens for low income families. I am currently in Nursing school and I love learning the beauty of our bodies. I'm still an avid learner and love to read whenever I can, so I'm constantly involved in book debates and discussions in a book club. I create paintings and have had two paintings displayed in a public art exhibit. I try to create art whenever I can, but between Nursing School and home school and church and everything else demanding my time, art often takes the back seat.

We have a blog at
that you're welcome to check out. I believe in really raising my children and spending time with them, rather than spending all day merely writing about them, so posts are often sporadic.

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